ANALEMMA’S DILEMMA | Sam Houston State University | Huntsville, TX

2019 | Stainless Steel & Ceramics | 100’ x 35’ x 23’ high

The “analemma” is a figure-8 design that describes the position of the sun relative to any one consistent point on earth over the course of a year. This shape results from the tilt of the earth’s axis of rotation and was the inspiration for our sculpture at Sam Houston State University. Hundreds of woven stainless-steel shapes form a flowing analemma pattern, activating the plaza and providing dappled shade. Where the form splashes onto an existing brick wall, the stainless components shift into an array of mosaic medallions, designed and executed by collaborator and local artist Dan Phillips. Drawing from his background as a government codebreaker in the 1970’s, Philip’s encoded a puzzle that is imbedded within the colorful mosaic disks. This work, located in the new Lowman Student Center, offers student and faculty a dynamic shelter, with a visual engaging design, and an ongoing conversation about the mystery of patterns and puzzles.

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